Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why retreat?



noun \ri-ˈtrēt\

: movement by soldiers away from an enemy because the enemy is winning or has won a battle

: movement away from a place or situation especially because it is dangerous, unpleasant, etc.

: the act of changing your opinion or position on something because it is unpopular

Why Retreat?

Our lives are hectic, often demanding more from us than we could possibly give. Women in our culture are expected to be able to do it all, flawlessly, without a net. Just turn on the TV and you will see modern womanhood depicted with ever conflicting messages telling us who and how to be in the world. In the church we long to fulfill our calling, dig deeply into spiritual things, and make a difference in the world around us but we often can’t figure out how to do this because we are exhausted and overwhelmed.

The Bible promises in John 10:10 that Jesus came that we might have abundant life, but did He mean this frantic, chaotic, busyness we are often swept up in? Or did He have something else in mind for us?

Join us as we open God’s Word to be renewed by a fresh glimpse of His Glory. Surrounded by the beautiful autumn foliage and the tranquility of the natural world “we will be still and know that He is God.” We will look deeply into His Word for new awareness of familiar truths and be challenged to apply them again to our lives. We will have time to tend to things that are often overlooked in the rush of our everyday lives like long walks, long talks, long laughs, and long naps.

No matter your season of life, this retreat offers the promise of disconnecting from our everyday world and reconnecting with the Source of life- Jesus.

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